ArcMail for IM™


You don’t have to miss the social media bus to stay in compliance. ArcMail for IM instantly archives your Yahoo!® Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger® and MSN® Messenger chats and attachments.

ArcMail’s IM Archiving Appliance

In today’s fast-paced business world, the ability to instantly communicate with co-workers and clients can do wonders for your company’s productivity. That’s why chat tools like Yahoo!® Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger® (AIM®) and MSN® Messenger have continued to grow in popularity for countless industries. But without archiving tools available for instant messaging communications, organizations in regulated industries like education, government, healthcare and finance, risk liability. Many don’t have IM usage policies or archiving solutions in place to ensure they stay in compliance. ArcMail for IM solves this problem by not only automatically archiving Yahoo!, AIM and MSN instant messages, but also their associated attachments, so you can find them in seconds.

Archive IM and Email Together to Save Time and Money

ArcMail for IM is the only archiving solution that can integrate data from multiple messaging platforms, such as Google Apps email, Salesforce® Chatter® and Microsoft Exchange. This means that all your instant messaging data can be securely stored alongside your emails in a single location, making data discovery as streamlined and cost-effective as possible for your busy team.

How ArcMail for IM Works

ArcMail for IM gathers your instant messages and attachments, converts them to emails, and then sends them to your award winning ArcMail Defender appliance where they are indexed and archived.

IM Archiving Appliance - Archive Instant Messaging (IM) Conversations with ArcMail

Find Your Chats in Seconds

With an easy-to-use interface and the fastest search functionality in the industry, ArcMail for IM helps you locate the instant messages and attachments you are looking for in mere seconds.

Keep Your IM Data Safe and Secure

Using ArcMail’s hardware archiving technology, you can ensure that all the IM chats within your organization are kept safely behind your firewall where they are protected from corruption by outside sources.

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