ArcMail for Salesforce™ Chatter™


It’s Not Just Chatter, It’s Your Business Communications.

ArcMail’s Salesforce Archiving Appliance

Salesforce Chatter is an outstanding way to communicate with co-workers inside a secure, closed environment. For many regulated industries, including healthcare, finance and government, this added connectivity comes with added responsibility. That’s why it’s important to archive your company’s Chatter logs for compliance, data discovery and to protect you from liability. Since Salesforce does not offer any archiving capability of its own, you need a solution that does. ArcMail for Salesforce was created to not only archive Chatter, but to make it easy to find specific messages and conversations.

ArcMail for Salesforce Chatter

Our solution allows you to automatically encode, index and archive all of your Salesforce Chatter, keeping you in compliance and protecting you from data loss.

Salesforce Chatter Archiving Diagram from ArcMail

Archive Chatter Using the Same Appliance You Already Use to Archive Email

ArcMail for Salesforce integrates with the award-winning ArcMail Defender email archiving solution to securely store all Chatter and email in a single location, making discovery even easier.

Easily Locate Archived Conversations in Seconds

ArcMail for Salesforce Chatter provides the fastest search functionality in the industry. In business, time is money – our solution saves you both.

Get Greater Security and Control

With ArcMail’s hardware archiving technology, your business’ internal Chatter stays internal - behind your firewall - safe from corruption by outside sources.

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