Cloud Gateway


The sky’s not the limit, it’s just the beginning

ArcMail’s Gateway to Cloud Storage and More

The volume of electronic communications is greater than ever, and so is the need for an archiving and storage solution that puts you in charge of your data. ArcMail’s new Cloud Storage Gateway device gives you the power to search faster, store smarter and protect better without dragging down your bottom line with ever-growing hardware and maintenance costs. For regulated industries like healthcare, finance and government, the ArcMail Cloud Storage Gateway also lets you turn data compliance requirements into business intelligence assets by providing extensive data mining capabilities.

How the Defender Cloud Storage Gateway Works

The ArcMail Cloud Storage Gateway securely encrypts electronic communications and attachments and stores them in the remote location of your choice. Or choose to store on site locally on your SAN or NAS storage solution using fiber channel or iSCSI connectivity.

Cloud Based Archiving, Storage & Search Functionality from ArcMail Defender

Faster Searches, Bigger Savings

Along with remotely storing your source documents, you can access every email, archived SalesForce Chatter message, instant message (IM) and attachment on any subject, from any date range, in seconds. The result is the fastest search time in the industry and greater cost savings.

Smarter Data Storage

Instead of locking you into a vendor, you have the freedom to choose virtually any cloud storage partner, such as Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack.

Total Data Control

With the ArcMail Cloud Gateway, you control what files go where and how long they stay there. Choose to archive in the cloud, on-site or any mixture of the two.

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