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ArcMail’s Social Media Archiving Solution

Make no mistake -- social media conversations are making significant inroads into the business world today. With the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, SharePoint and other social platforms as powerful collaboration and customer engagement tools, new enterprise archiving rules are also starting to take shape. It’s become clear that organizations must take steps to ensure that all essential data – even unstructured data – is properly managed and maintained.

In fact, now more than ever, businesses are being held accountable for what appears in their social streams. And that’s why social media data must be archived and protected to sufficiently meet industry and government regulations, as well as to support e-Discovery requests.

Enter ArcMail Social, the first and only archiving solution designed to address the powerful and valuable information that is exchanged across your organization’s social sphere.

Get Your Social Business in Order

Available as an add-on module for any ArcMail Defender archiving solution – from our on-premise, to our cloud storage gateway, hybrid and virtual offerings – ArcMail Social ensures that your organization is keeping track of ALL the content that makes up your business.

ArcMail Social is designed to grab everything of significance across your social networks – from comments and likes, to posts and more. The solution captures code from the various social platforms and integrates it into your archived files for access at a moment’s notice. Your archived social data also becomes exportable with ArcMail Social, meaning you can select files, place “holds” on them and export the selected data as needed. In addition, searches can be performed by type of social platform to help you find what you need, when you need it.

Built from the Ground Up by ArcMail

Like all ArcMail solutions, ArcMail Social is easy to deploy, maintain and manage. What’s more, because it was built by ArcMail from the ground up, you’ll only need to deal with our archiving experts – and ours alone – whenever you need advice or support.

Whether for e-Discovery or for regulatory compliance purposes, the message we’re all hearing loud and clear is this: social media needs to be a part of your archiving initiatives. So take the next step. Get your social data under control. Get ArcMail Social.

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